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Hello, I am Ron Hunnewell, better known as Ron The Geek! I am a professional computer tech with over twenty years of experience, and I Love Tech! I am a professional mobile computer technician in Zephyrhills, Florida, specializing in Laptop and Desktop PC repair.

I am a mobile technician because the cost of commercial property for computer repair is not cost feasible. Any business operating out of a commercial property has to pass that cost on to their customer, which increases prices.  

Here’s why it makes no sense to have a storefront, if I had to take care of walk-in customers, I can’t get the tech work done. I can’t ignore a customer, so I would constantly have to drop what I’m doing but it’s the complete opposite as a mobile tech. As a mobile technician, I meet the customer by appointment, and appointments serve as no distraction. My customers love it because they save a lot of money not paying for my beautiful building because I don’t have one. My customers don’t have to do a thing beyond a phone call, and I do the rest, including free pick-up and drop-off.

I Love To Help!

I love to help so much so; I have a blog and a handful of YouTube videos (rtgtechhelp). I use the blog and YouTube as a way to educate my customers in laymen’s terms. Most of my customers don’t like all that techy talk; they like to understand the problem and fix it. Although a blog can reach far and wide, I do the blog to help my customers get the most out of their computers.

If I had one piece of advice about computers, it would be to use your computer more and embrace technology. Use your computer more because no matter what we do, tech is a part of everything. Anybody that embraces technology gets more comfortable and then uses it more. It’s like anything else in life; you get out of what you put into it.

My job is to keep computers running at peak performance for my customer to get the most out of their computers. I’ve done many different types of jobs in my life, but I never did one that gives me so much satisfaction.

Computer Repair Is Never Ending

I chose to specialize in Laptop & Desktop Computer repair for a reason, because of the necessary continuing education. I love fixing computers, and I am so comfortable doing it because it’s second nature.

My customers love the work I do and treat me with respect, and I believe it’s all because I stay in my lane. I don’t try to be the know-it, fix it all guy. I don’t do Apple, Chromebooks, cell phones, tablets, or anything other than a Windows PC. Could I, absolutely, but I choose not to. By staying in my lane, I am a master of my trade instead of a jack of all trades. 

I have literally refurbished thousands of computers over the past 15 years, and I never get upset or mad at a computer. At the end of the day, I am so good at what I do; I will take any PC that starts and runs and make it better than new! One of my daughters (I have four) calls me the computer whisperer. It’s not rocket science; It’s just what I love to do. So, when the clock strikes 5 and it’s time to have some fun, what do I do? Well, I keep doing what I’m already doing, it may sound sad, but it’s not. Any good computer repair tech is just like me because computer repair education is a never-ending continuous journey.

I've Developed a Passion for Website Development

I’ve developed a passion for website development in the past few years and love it equally as much as repairing computers.
Once again, it’s all about helping people and being appreciated in the process. I view website development as a never-ending job because it’s the fastest and cheapest way for any business to get found. A website is low-cost but effective marketing because Google listings are free. 

No other form of marketing is as cost-effective as a website. Relatively speaking, a website is free compared to the cost of all other media. Google My Business listing is free for all local businesses and makes it easy to get listed.

 This website is developed on WordPress and has become the favorite platform for businesses around the world. All that being said, a local business like mine only needs a basic website builder that they can do themselves for $5.10 a month and $10 a year for a domain name.

Ron Hunnewell Author Credits

I am an author of all the content on Ron The Geek! website, and blog. I also write all the content for several other websites that I own, including U.S. Solar, Florida Solar, Green Computer, and of course, Ron The Geek!

From 2017 through 2020, I worked for a large Solar company as their IT manager and solar sales rep. I learned a great deal about the solar industry and blog on that topic on my other websites.  My number one passion is working as a computer tech; It’s what I do best! I Love Tech!

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