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How To Overcome Technophobia

How to overcome technophobia is a big challenge because it’s a genuine psychological disorder. I’ve read many different ideas about overcoming technophobia.  All the suggestions I’ve read are basic teaching methods about how to use a computer. Unfortunately, during the past twenty-plus years, I know that teaching basic computer lessons doesn’t work very for good for people who suffer from techno fear.

Fear is the main problem for technophobes because it confuses the brain and blocks the ability to learn. It’s easy for me to say don’t be fearful and learn the basics. People wouldn’t fear a computer to begin with if the solution was as easy as getting beginner computer lessons.

I have encountered customers who have a fear of computers frequently for decades. I discovered a solution to the problem from them. Interestingly enough, I’ve known this information for a long time, but I didn’t realize how few people have the right idea of how to treat the condition. I know this might sound quite presumptuous, but it’s not.

I observed that many of my customers have overcome technophobia, and I learned how they did it. I don’t think they realized they overcame technophobia because the method is so subtle but effective.

The Solution To Technophobia Is To Find An Interest In Something That Requires A Computer

When we have an interest in something, we are comfortable learning about it because it’s exciting. Exercise isn’t fun on its face, but many people will play basketball if I throw a basketball into the scene. The presence of a basketball tricked the brain into exercising the body and having fun while doing it! The solution is to trick the brain into focusing on an interest that requires using a computer.

Overcoming technophobia is like learning backward because the idea is to start with a particular interest. Find an interest in something that requires a computer, which will create a learning mindset instead of fear. The technique of learning computers backward is pretty cool because you observe someone afraid of a computer, and the next thing you know, they’re telling me about new things they’ve learned. Having an interest in something that’s exciting and requires a computer is the key to overcoming technophobia.

Focus On Interests That Excite You and Require The Use of a Computer To Overcome Technophobia

It might sound a little crazy to say to someone afraid of a computer to write a book about something that excites them. Keep in mind that the book doesn’t have to be published or for anyone to read it necessarily, but it will require Microsoft Word. Then you might say, how am I going to learn how to use Microsoft Word? You go to YouTube and watch videos How To Learn Microsoft Word for Beginners. Now you’re on your way to overcoming any fears you might have. While you’re on YouTube, you might be distracted by video suggestions that might be of interest; that’s good. 

We started with an interest in writing a book that requires using a computer, and we ended up learning how to learn Microsoft Word and some other fun stuff while we are on YouTube. This is just one example of how to use something that interests you to overcome the fear of computers. I don’t even want to try and guess what interests people have, but I know we are all interested in something. For people who have technophobia, it’s imperative to focus on an interest that gets you excited.

Don't Put One Thought Into The Computer - Concentrate On What A Computer Can Do for You

A computer is no different than a refrigerator because they are there to serve a purpose. It’s best to see a computer as a tool in a toolbox, nothing more, nothing less. I suggest anybody afraid of a computer avoid learning mundane beginner lessons that serve no purpose, such as email or even social websites and focus on self-interest instead. I’ve observed that many technophobes get hung up on certain things on a computer and get frustrated very easily. 

I’ll use email as an example because it’s so common that a beginner will think it’s important to know. Email is important to those who use it, but it’s not that important if you don’t use it. If you are not interested in using email, don’t waste your time figuring it out; it’s much better to move on to something that interests you. Learn how to use a computer selfishly first, and then the rest will come more naturally.

The Biggest Challenge for Technophobes Is They Don't Talk About It

Being afraid of a computer is much more common than many might believe. It’s challenging to get help because most people can’t be bothered. Professional tech lessons don’t work because people forget five minutes after you leave, and they don’t practice because it’s mundane. A professional tech can’t help because they have no idea what people’s interests might be, and it’s too expensive of a way to learn. Learn More About The Most Important things to know for beginners…..

The Biggest Reason To Overcome Fear of A Computer Is To Make More Money

Anybody under the age of 50 needs to acquire some level of comfortability on a computer because they are such an intricate part of our society and work. Almost every job requires a computer, so getting comfortable on a computer improves your income. In addition, everyone wants to make a better living, and computer knowledge helps us do that. So if you are afraid of a computer, find an interest that involves a computer fast, and you will be on your way to getting comfortable on your PC and having a better quality of life because of it! Overcoming techno fear is a great boost for your confidence.