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The Quality of Dell Business Class PCs Are On Par With Apple Computers

The quality of Dell Business Class PCs is on par with Apple computers. It’s not a big secret why Apple is considered the best-built computer; it’s because they use the best-manufactured components made in addition to their graphics patents. So it’s a trade-off comparing Apple computers to PCs. Do I go with Apple’s closed platform with the best graphics in the world? Or do I go with a PC with an open architecture and excellent quality components available, including high-end graphics, if I’m willing to pay for them?

Dell “Business Class Computers” such as Dell Optiplex Desktop Towers and Dell Latitude Laptops are top-quality PCs. However, Dell has and still does market retail class computers with the same standards as their business class computers. Dell Business Class computers are manufactured with top-quality boards, Intel processors and Intel HD graphics, top-tier Western Digital hard drives, and excellent quality memory. The combination of top-quality components Dell uses makes them the best-built computer, and they last a long, long time. It doesn’t help Dell’s reputation selling retail class PCs with a low price point. Dell targeting a computer buyer and a price point buyer is the primary difference from Apple computers. 

Apple computers focus on high quality only; the price is what the price is because they will not cut corners in their design. Dell business class computers are on par with Apple computers, but Dell also goes after the low-hanging fruit by selling a price versus a computer to buyers seeking a deal. I consider Dell to be two different companies in one. The business class computers and a retail class are totally different designs.

Everyday Work & Business PCs are A Different Animal Compared To A Gaming PC

If a gamer is reading this, they think I’m nuts, but the proof is in the pudding; out of thousands of refurbished Dell computers, I’ve seen maybe 5 that have been returned because of a problem. Dell business class computers really are the Apple of the PC world; they build the best commercial PCs. Comparing a gaming PC to a base model PC is like comparing a stock car at the Daytona 500 to a passenger car. A gaming PC is expensive and is made to be stressed to the max, and they still burn up! The basic computer user and businesses are more concerned with speed, performance, dependability, and longevity.

Police, Fire and Government Use Dell Business Class Computers For A Reason

Imagine calling your local fire department, Police department, or hospital, and they say, sorry we can’t help you because our computers are down? That’s why police, fire, and government, in general, use Dell computers because they cannot have computer breakdowns. Many people believe the government is wasteful in buying the best computers, but it’s not true; they have to buy the best to avoid service disruptions.

I personally have no affiliation or association with Dell; I know everything there is to know about Dell Business PCs. I can tell you they don’t make or design a computer as easy to get to components as Dell Business computers. But, in the PC world, Dell Business Class computers are the fastest and best-performing PC’s made. Somebody has to be the best, and in the PC universe, it’s Dell Business Class computers!

Dell's Open Platform Architecture Is Less Costly Than Apples Closed Platform

At the end of the day, Apple Computers are an excellent performing machine with exceptional graphics and worth the investment for someone that needs a high-end computer. The downside to Apple computers is that you will pay for many apps that are free with Windows 10. The other downside is when you do need a repair, it’s best to go to an Apple Store, but they are quite expensive.

Dell business class computers are on par with Apple computers as far as quality is concerned, making Dell the more equitable choice. The versatility of an open platform combined with huge savings over the long term is why PCs, in general, are the most popular computers. I personally believe the gap in quality has narrowed so much that a lot of Apple users are gravitating toward PCs again.