What Is A Refurbished Computer?

What Is a refurbished computer? It’s a used computer restored to “Excellent Performance & Health” by a professional tech. For a computer to be considered “Refurbished,” it must be 100% functional and perform like new but can have cosmetic blemishes. A refurbished computer is a class above a used computer and a class below a new computer.

Depending on the age of a computer, what is considered refurbished is relative to its release. We’ll use a  5 to 7-year-old computer as an example. If the hard drive is replaced and the display is nice, but the computer has minor cosmetic blemishes, it is still refurbished.

What's The Difference Between a "Used Computer" and a "Refurbished Computer"?

A computer being sold as used generally means it is sold as-is without a clean installation of Windows 10. It can have any one of a hundred things wrong with it and may not be immediately detectable. It’s not easy buying a used computer because a lot of things are not easily diagnosed.

I recommend buying a refurbished computer from a reputable buyer and avoid purchasing a used computer. Many customers of mine buy computers at flea markets and yard sales and have me refurbish them. They get a great deal, so it makes sense to have me fix it because it pays for itself. I recommend a refurbished computer over a new one because of the extreme price differences. I have over twenty years’ experience and haven’t purchased a new computer since 1994. 

Upgrading The Hard Drive and Memory are Worth The Investment

Any computer hardware that passes our hardware tests (Memory & Hard Drive) can be refurbished. For example, a fresh install of Windows 10 is considered refurbished if you have a healthy hard drive. If the hard drive and memory are good (they usually are) it will perform like a new computer after we refurbish it. The main criteria’s for a refurbished computer is based on health and performance, but not cosmetic. If the hard drive is replaced and the computer performs like new or better, it is considered refurbished. Some people might ask, how does a refurbished computer perform better than when it was new? There’s a noticeable difference when upgrading any computer’s memory or replace the hard drive with an SSD, and it will perform better than when it was new. Learn More About The Refurbishing Process….