What Is The Most Important Thing To Learn About Using A Computer?

What Is The Most Important Thing To Learn About Using A Computer? In two words, I can tell you what the majority of computer users don’t know well or don’t know at all, “Basic Terminology.” It’s the basics of computers that get missed, and I know because of my experiences with customers. For example, many people think it’s no big deal to give a computer tech a telephone call when they have a question.

I, like most techs, want to help and consistently run into a problem with the customers; they don’t know the “Basic Terminology.” The basic terminology is so important but missed by a huge segment of computer users. There is a reason why people don’t know basic computer terminology? Unlike anything I can think of, computers don’t come with instructions.

Imagine handing somebody the keys to a new car, and they’ve never driven in their life? That’s what we do with computers, hand them to people and say have fun. So, the customer who knows little to nothing about computers will go straight to what interests them. It makes sense, but it is also the reason why they have missed some fundamental computer knowledge.

What Is The "Basic Terminology" That's Important To Know?

The basic computer terminology I am alluding to is, “Desktop, Taskbar, Browsers, and address bar”. This is the most important basic computer terminology to know because you can then communicate over the phone or have a conversation with someone and understand each other.

To many readers understanding this basic terminology sounds silly because they know it already. The famous Christopher Columbus quote says it all “It’s easy to know when you know”.  I can not stress this point enough, but if you don’t know the basic terminology and learn it, it will pay huge dividends.

The Reason Learning Basic Computer Terminology Is Important

When people don’t know the basic computer terminology, they seem to be more reserved in the use of their computer than those who do know. The reason is after learning the basic terminology; computer users become more confident. That’s what learning does, right; it builds our confidence. The computer user who takes the time to learn now will get greater use of their computers.

Why is it important to make more use of a computer, because it opens up possibilities beyond imagination. The more you do on a computer, the more that is revealed what a powerful tool a computer is.

Getting the most out of a computer requires getting out of our comfort zone from time to time. Computer terminology is important to learn because a computer is the most powerful tool we have for life and business. One last tip is to use YouTube for educational videos to learn the terminology and get a more in-depth perspective. I feel more comfortable watching a video multiple times before I actually do what I’m learning about because then I am already familiar with it.