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What Is The Purpose of The Address Bar?

what-is- the-Purpose-of-Address-Bar

What is the purpose of the address bar? The address bar is at the top of every browser and is used to input an exact website address. All websites have an exact spelling, all lower case, no spacing, no symbols, and close with a URL such as Dot-COM. 

Inputs that include a URL such as a dot-com, dot-net, dot-biz will go directly to that website. If the input does not have a URL, the address bar acts as a search engine. The internet could not function without the address bar.

A website address has 3 parts to it, the Protocol, the Name, and the URL. HTTPS:// is the Protocol, ronthegeek is the name, COM is the URL. Every website in the world has its own unique Domain Name. You can forward as many domain names as you want to the same website, but only one is the actual website address. The primary domain name is connected to the website; additional domains are forwarded to the website IP address.

Using The Address Bar Is The Safest Way To Travel On The Internet

So many things I do as a professional computer tech are second nature to me. Using the address bar is one of those things that’s second nature to me because it’s impossible to get a virus going directly to a website. It’s so second nature to me, yet difficult to get customers to understand how important it is for safety.

When anybody searches online, the results page can be dangerous because you can get a virus if you click on the wrong thing. Now, in 2021 it’s much safer searching than in the past, but there are still some bad websites out there. I use the address bar because so many places’ domain name is the same as the business name. Some examples are,,,,; I’m sure you get the point I’m making. That’s all you have to type in the address bar, and you go directly to their website.

What Is The Purpose of The Address Bar? It Saves Time!

The biggest reason I use the address bar is I don’t get distracted. I personally struggle with distraction while I’m working because I’m always on a computer. When I Google something, sometimes I get distracted by other things, but that can’t happen when I use the address bar.

The purpose of the address bar is to go straight to a website which eliminates the possibility of getting a computer virus. Using the address bar saves time and it’s a great tool to help stay focused.