Why Are Google and Microsoft The Best Email?

Why Are Google and Microsoft The Best Email? Security, security security! The most important thing about email is “security” because protecting your private and personal information is critical. Simply put, email is used for personal and business data, that if hacked, could be destructive to businesses and PC users. You hear a lot about hackers collecting data from major corporations worldwide, but not from Google or Microsoft. Hackers have been successful in hacking smaller leading Email providers such as Yahoo and AOL in the past. So, what sets Google and Microsoft apart from the rest? MONEY! Google and Microsoft can afford the best security. In addition, they can also afford to provide users an endless list of Free High-Quality products.

How To Avoid An "Email" Nightmare

The “Email” nightmare to avoid is proprietary “Email” such as cable company providers. The biggest email nightmare I have ever heard from customers is cable company email accounts closed. They set up a Verizon email account and use it for years. They are dependent on this email account for serious business, and then they move. They move to an area that might or might not have Verizon services available, but we will say they do for argument’s sake. They set up their new account and go to log in to their email, but it’s gone. They closed their cable internet account and lost their email accounts! I have seen this more times than you could imagine because proprietary email accounts no longer work after closing their cable company account. Avoid This Nightmare Scenario At All Costs!

Switching email providers doesn’t mean you have to give up the one you have. You can have as many email accounts as you want with Google and Microsoft. I have 17 Google Accounts and multiple Microsoft Accounts, and they know it’s me.

Providing The Best Security Is Key To Selecting An Email Provider

Google and Microsoft have the money to provide the best security. But, It isn’t just money and security that makes Google and Microsoft the best email providers. Still, it certainly is a massive advantage over the competition. If email users don’t feel secure, they will not use it because they can’t trust it.
These powerhouse companies provide more than secure email; that’s just the foundation of their brands. Google and Microsoft also offer a fantastic amount of free products and tools for businesses and everyday computer users.

Google and Microsoft Provide Free Products We Know and Love!

I can’t tell you how many free services Google and Microsoft have because there are too many! But I can tell you that Google is the leading search engine globally and owns the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube! Free YouTube that even has a ton of free movies in addition to billions of videos at your fingertips. 15GB of free cloud storage on Google Drive and free Google My Business listings for local businesses.
Microsoft now offers essential Office Products for free “Online Only” in addition to free email and 5GB of free cloud storage. But there’s more, Microsoft provides an endless list of web development tools that are too technical for the average computer user to understand.
Nobody provides as many free products and services as Google and Microsoft with the foundation of the best security money can buy.