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Nobody can afford to wait days and weeks for their computer to be fixed, it’s not practical. We understand you need it fixed now and that’s what we do best, fastest turnaround times in the computer industry. Our goal is to be your go to Tech when you need one, and the we accomplish that is get the job done now!

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What can you expect from the refurbishing process? Your computer will be as fast or, in most cases, faster than when the computer was new. The reason is when you buy a brand new computer it is filled with “bloatware” which is all the stuff you don’t need but is there to sell you something. Bloatware slows down a computer because, as an example, it has McAffee antivirus free trial, so it’s pre-activated until removed from the computer. Well, McAffee antivirus will slow your computer down. That’s one example, but the bottom line is that all our customers tell us it’s faster after the refurbishing process. In addition, an SSD upgrade will make any computer faster than when it was new.