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Email-Is-a-Digital-Tool-Thats-Almost-Impossible-To-Live-Without in 2021,

Email is so much more than a communication application. An email account is a digital tool used as an ID online in a similar manner as a driver’s license is in real life. An Email Account is used as a communication tool and a security tool. In the early days of the internet, verifying someone’s identity was almost impossible. Online fraud ruled the day from the ’90s through 2019, but fraud has been reduced quite dramatically in part because of email.

An email account is as important as any other digital tool because it is an authentic online identity. Using email for Email was created to communicate in seconds versus days and weeks using traditional mail. But now, email is used for so much more than originally intended.

Think of email as a smartphone; sometimes, it’s upsetting to people when you actually call them. It’s a telephone, yet many people believe their smartphone is for everything but a phone call. It’s silly but true, and the same can be said about email. Many people have an email account because of all the things email works in conjunction with and not the actual emailing itself. In today’s world, email is almost impossible to live without.

Email Is Our Primary Source of Identity Online

In the real world, we use a birth certificate, driver’s license, signature, and social security numbers for proof of identity. It’s completely different online because there is no way to prove who you are with any of the real-world methods. Email accounts have become a necessary tool for everything from making a purchase to proving it’s really you, including the IRS and health care.

An Email Account Is Like a Fingerprint in the Digital World

All online companies like Google and Amazon use email as the primary source of identity because they have the registration information when the account or email was created. Companies and institutions use email as a primary form of identity verification online.

The more well-known you are online, the more trust you build and that’s why Google and Bing want you to be logged on in your browser.  Many companies and institutions are using cookies, and email combined because it provides more layers of security.

Protecting Your Email Credentials Is Critical

Everyone should protect their “Email Credentials” because that is how email accounts can be compromised. 

It’s more important than ever to be leery of giving out your primary email to any Tom, Dick, and Harry. The only way  any major corporations contact you is through email. A cluttered Email Box is a sure-fire way to miss important business because the more garbage in your inbox, the less you want to check email.

It would be a rare day if you received a phone call from any major company or institution. There isn’t one single legitimate company that ever attempts to contact you while you are online. Companies and Institutions only communicate online when you are logged into their website. So when anyone or anybody attempts to communicate online, you know automatically they are not legitimate.

It’s important to have multiple email accounts so you can use one of them for official business and serious matters. It’s better to have a clean inbox without any junk mail. Since you can have as many email accounts as needed, there’s no reason not to take advantage and have multiple accounts.