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Laptop Price Increases - Save Big Refurbishing Old Computers

Windows 10 Upgrade Is Popular Because It's Not Possible To Buy A Good Laptop or Desktop for Only $120

Laptop Price Increases - Save Big Refurbishing Old Computers

Because of laptop price increases – save big refurbishing old Computers instead. Many people ask if I have Windows 10 already, why would I need an upgrade? When Windows 10 was introduced in 2015, it was free to everyone for one year. Microsoft wanted to get the data back to fix all the bugs quickly. Unfortunately, it has taken many versions of Windows 10 to get to where it is today. That is the primary reason why so many computers require a “Fresh Installation of Windows 10”. Several versions of Windows 10 have been released in the past 24 months, but several of them can’t receive updates and crash. 

I install Windows every day, and I can tell you that Microsoft has accomplished its mission to perfect Windows 10. Windows 10 may not be perfect, but it is darn close to it. The current version of Windows 20H2 is awesome and is by far the best operating system ever!

Microsoft has done an amazing job of creating a responsive operating system. Any hardware changes you make, such as a printer or a video card upgrade, Windows 10 automatically proceeds to get the drivers and install them without requiring a single keystroke. Windows 10 has base drivers for video, sound, camera, and so much more.

You Can't Buy a Computer for Only $120

It’s not so bad to upgrade to the current Windows 10 version because the cost of $120 is reasonable compared to buying a new computer. Computers really need a tune-up and clean-up to stay at peak performance. installing a fresh copy of Windows is the ultimate tune-up. A fresh install of Windows is like buying a new computer. It’s worth every penny to have a nice smooth experience when you’re using your computer. 

Because of Corona, computer prices have skyrocketed due to increased demand for school and work, resulting in limited supply. This has turned refurbishing your old computer is a good idea because it’s a better value. Now because of laptop price increases – save big refurbishing your old computers. be sure to check-out: 3 Reasons Why Chromebooks and HP Streams are A Disaster

Replacing a Hard Drive Is a Good Idea for Old Computers

All hard drives have multiple factors for performance and health. Even an excellent healthy well performing hard drive has a limited lifespan. I test every hard drive for health and performance and replace them when the test results show bad sectors and or below 1000 days of life. Hard drives can fail at any time without notice, but the majority of the time, they fail gradually. A new hard drive with a Fresh Install of Windows can give you an additional 5 to 7 years of use out of a computer you were ready to give up on. A computer is a computer is a computer, so long it performs at peak performance there isn’t a good reason to buy a new one.

Solid State Hard Drives are Noticeably Faster Than A Mechanical Hard Drive

Solid State Hard Drives are noticeably faster than mechanical hard drives because there aren’t any moving parts in an SSD. Mechanical hard drives are rapidly being phased out in 2021 because SSD’s are so superior. So much technology that enters the market gets over-hyped and doesn’t live up to the expectations. SSD’s are not over-hyped, they are the real deal, a dramatic improvement in computer technology. SSD’s are here to stay. We are close but not quite there yet where the mechanical hard drives are obsolete. The cost gap is closing rapidly and I expect by 2023 nobody will be installing mechanical hard drives. The bottom line is if you can afford an SSD refurbish upgrade do it, but if you can’t afford it a mechanical drive will work just fineS

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