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Simple To Learn Computer Instructions: Step By Step Video Guide

Simple To Learn Computer Instructions is the easiest way for me to teach all my customers at once. I figure there are many more people online that would appreciate it as well, so here goes.

The number one difficulty any computer tech has encountered is “Terminology” because the average computer user misses this essential information. Interestingly enough, it’s a basic but important need to know information that somehow even some experienced users pass over.

The majority know how to use their computers but struggle with the terminology. The following is a step-by-step video guide on several key topics. Terminology, Browsers, search engines, create shortcuts & Folders, Drag and Drop, where items and downloads are stored. Many of these things can be learned but are disregarded for more immediate interests.

I highly recommend watching this video even if you’re experienced because sometimes even the experienced computer users have missed some elementary things along the way. Everybody needs to hone their computer skills to get the most out of today’s technology. Fortunately, we have these mini videos to learn from because it makes learning a lot more fun and easier.

Suggested Video

Setup Step By Step Free Cloud Storage Really Totally Free!

It’s easy to know when you know! I run my entire business in one single cloud folder right on my computer desktop. This is an excellent video to learn how to set up the cloud totally free and it’s awesome to have peace of mind your files are always safe.

What Should I Spend On a Website?

What Should I Spend On a Website depends on many factors, but this article offers more clarity on this topic? The very first thing is geography, and the second is demographics. Geography is how big, or small of an area do you want your website to target.

The smaller that area is, the lower the cost is. As the coverage area grows larger, the cost goes up. Local businesses have it made when it comes to a website’s cost because it’s the lowest cost marketing there is. Be cautious; many local businesses are frequently taken advantage of when it comes to a website’s cost. If you build a website yourself, it’s under $100 a year for a domain name and 5-page website builder.

Oh, but I don’t know how to build a website? If you can send an email, then you can get the hang of an affordable website builder. They’re that easy to build. “Get More Hosting” sells a personal website builder for under $6 a month and a DOMAIN for 9.99. That’s under $100 bucks a year, and that’s literally all you need. Oh yeah, sure, that’s all I need, but it really is all you need, and here’s the reason why.


The “Google My Business” listing is for local businesses that verify ownership of their business. Google mails a verification code to the address of the business. When you receive the code you input it at Google My Business and that verifies you’re the owner of the business and have the right to do business from that address. Google verification is not verifying actual ownership of the physical property, they are only verifying the business ownership.

Google mails you a code, and you go to “Google My Business” and input code. It takes about 5 days to get your code. I have built websites for local businesses and had them listed on Google in 2 weeks. Using a personal website builder and “Google My Business.”

It makes no sense for a local business not to have a website. The time it takes to build a local website is a one-time investment. A local business website is a static website that requires very little maintenance. So What Should I Spend On a Website? For local businesses, it costs less than $100 per year.

Website Aesthetics

The number one hang-up about websites is no two people see graphics the same. What’s aesthetically pleasing to one person can be distasteful to the next person. But I can tell you what’s pleasing to all people but first I have to finish on the appearance factors. A really nice website just takes longer not necessarily costs more. It takes longer because to get to that look and feel you want is a lot of trial and error.

The one thing there is no substitute for High-Resolution Imagery. A website that has a lot of high-resolution images is going to look phenomenal.

The following website is an excellent example of a website built with a $9.99 a month website builder. The key to this website is the owner provided High-Resolution images that make her website look phenomenal.

Putting Off a Website Is A Huge Mistake

Waiting to do a website is a huge mistake because it’s the most affordable marketing on the planet. A personal website builder of up to 5 pages that are a snap to put together is under .35 cents a day. If you don’t need any more business a website is still an amazingly powerful tool. It’s awesome for reputability, Image, professionalism, and who knows what the future holds. I have seen what happens to businesses that suddenly lose a location. They suddenly have no way to communicate with their customer base. A website is a virtual location so you can always be found for pennies a day. A website is a virtual salesman at its best and a great ambassador at its worst. So for $100 bucks a year a website has great value to any business.

Individual hairstylists should have a website because it’s a transient industry, and a website keeps customers connected to them. The bottom line is the business can move and still be found. A website could save the day for a hairstylist if it’s relocating because they stay connected to their best clientele.


Please beware of the so-called free websites because they’re not free. On the contrary, they are the most expensive websites. They can be as much as $40 or $50 a month, and you do all the work. When Wix advertises how rich and beautiful their websites are, keep in mind they’re working with images that cost thousands of dollars. In comparison, you may not be so fortunate. So these flashy cool websites are not real-life examples. Once you find out yours isn’t so exceptional, you’re stuck with it at a high cost. Use a Custom Template to achieve what they offer for a monthly fee for life; a template is a one-time cost. Custom templates don’t work with website builders, and they are designed for WordPress.



Something We All Can Agree With?

A great deal! Who doesn’t want a great deal? It’s euphoric. People are looking for only 2 things, and that’s straight forward honest information and great value. If you want to captivate somebody, give them what they’re looking for. The visitor is not going to go looking for anything; they bounce. That’s not the result you want from a website. Engage them immediately, and that will captivate them.

In today’s world, people are doing research about anything, and everything so is bold and give them the information. Give the visitor what they’re looking for, not what the business owner thinks it should look like. I am not saying to not care about the appearance. What I am saying is a website with a powerful message gets ranking with Google for a reason. The reason is Google bots Read just like we do, but they don’t see the same as we do.

If you provide visitors with good information, it motivates them to take action. People reward people who help them even if they don’t know them, and it’s because they trust them. Google knows when or if your content is engaging, truthful, and quality information.

Once you are verified with Google and get great reviews, you will rank at the top of that category. Google is going to put your business on top of “Near Me Search Results.” Any small business can do all this themselves. It’s so easy to do even with the lowest-cost website builder.

Now The Cost of a Website Goes Up

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PremiumPress Templates are a Huge Time Saver!

From this point on, I am talking about large geographical website development using WordPress. Large regional websites require many things a local website does not, but nothing is more important than SEO. This is how you market your website because the cost of advertising is ridiculous for a large geographical area.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how websites get found organically. So just starting, you need to know what Google’s requirements are, Google speak. The more competitive your industry is, the harder it is to get found. To get found, you will need a lot of content: high-quality content, the more content, the better the ranking.

Website builders are at a disadvantage when building a large geographical website. Developers prefer WordPress because of the control it gives you with SEO. WordPress has so many millions of possibilities and unlimited pages and is a dream for SEO. All this is based on learning WordPress. If your good on a computer and can run programs like Photoshop, you can teach yourself WordPress.

It Pays Big To Do It Yourself!

WordPress is developed by many business owners themselves because of the cost of a professional. The cost is the reason why so many business owners learn to do WordPress themselves. That way, the cost is mostly time instead of cash.

There’s no question that the cost of hosting and a domain name is negligible, but your time is priceless. If you don’t do your own WordPress website, it can be challenging to figure out what it costs in advance. How many pages is the website? Does it require continuous updating with content? What is the cost of High-Resolution Images? The list is infinite.

There are more questions than there are answers if you are going to hire professionals. So most companies hire somebody specifically for this job as a way to cut the cost.

Should you decide to hire somebody to do your website development be sure, they know SEO. Because that’s the most important thing, and you can’t see it, it’s not visual. SEO is what Google sees, not what we see. SEO is Google speak; it’s its own language.

The cost of doing your own large geographical website is calculable. The total cost of a professionally built website can’t be calculated to an exact number.


What Should I Spend On a Website

What Should I Spend On a Website is totally dependant on your needs versus what you can afford? The Conclusion is if you DIY, the cost is negligible. If you pay somebody to do it, it can get expensive.