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Google Drive Gives 15 Gigs of Free Cloud Storage. Below is a step-by-step video guide that shows you how to set it up on your desktop, and it’s easy to do! It’s easy to know when you know! I store all my personal files in one single cloud folder right on my computer desktop. Anyone with a Gmail Account already has a cloud folder; it’s called Google Drive.

This is an excellent video to learn how to set up the cloud on your desktop, and it’s totally free. It’s awesome to have peace of mind your files are always safe.

Safest Place On Earth To Keep Your Files!

Google Free Cloud Storage is the safest place on earth to store your files; the only risk is you compromising yourself by giving someone your credentials. The only way for somebody to get to your files on the cloud is to have the login credentials. Google can afford the cost of security to protect you.

Have you ever forgot your email password, and Google tortures you with security questions and various forms of communication such as your cell phone or email? That’s all you need to know how far Google goes to protect you. If they don’t protect you, they could be liable!

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Free Is The Key

Free cloud storage and free email are the best deal going in today’s technology. Google is more generous than most companies because they give away so much for free. Google is king when it comes to revenue, so they can afford the very best security in the world, which is great for all concerned. Check out this video, Free Cloud Storage”; it will change your life because you will never lose a file again. Free Cloud Storage step-by-step video guide is a money saver as well.

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